Boudoir Art by Peter
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Boudoir Art by Peter

I am quite traditional. I love spending time with my wife, my son and my family. I value the good company of quality friends and I love traveling. I am fan of women in the good sense of the word. And I think maybe it's because in my life I have been surrounded by wonderful women. I'm here for you, because in the Boudoir photography I can highlight those things that I admire from you in photos that will capture your beauty for ever!

Peter y Lucy

Lucy and I have been together for 16 years. She is an amazing woman! She is confident, powerful, determined, beautiful; she has a wonderful personality and feelings. All our time together always drive me to be better. When I tell her my idea of taking boudoir photos, as always, she doesn't hesitate to support me. And today, she is here with me helping me to make you feel beautiful, powerful and determined in your photographs.


Telephone: 787-410-4483
Instagram: @boudoirartbypeter