Bee Passionate
Boudoir Photographers

Bee Passionate

Teresa Menendez & Jorge Herrera

As our name states it we are passionate about giving every woman a boudoir photo experience that will have them feeling empowered and beautiful.
We are a couple duo that thinks every woman deserves to have the experience of a boudoir photography shoot. Why you might ask? Because the transformation a woman experiences after having a boudoir shoot is something everyone should feel not just once but many times in their lifetime.
Imagine an experience where you can own your womanhood, be passionate about your body and embrace every curve, dimple and scar. 
Your body is beautiful! 
Our approach is to bring out the beauty that you already posses. We will enhance the shoot with your beautiful lingerie and accessories but don’t worry no fancy outfit needed sometimes a simple white shirt will do the trick. In the end, the finality to boudoir is not the outfit but the woman wearing it! You got it, we are just helping you to embrace it!


Telephone: 910-330-3440
Location: Jacksonville North Carolina