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The Boudoir Loft

We are a boudoir photography team proud to call Michigan our home base for over 20 years of shooting and always with the most helpful and amazing group of women as staff. 

A little about Kim,
Hello there, I’m Kim, I bring the heart and soul to my business with a mad mix of intuitive life skills, business practices and soul-sourced mentoring. My goal is to bring you to a session in which we share in personal growth. Self esteem building and allow you a safe place to experience a personal goal in doing a Boudoir Shoot. It may be a goal to achieve a gift for someone else or a gift for yourself, either way or any way it can be achieved in self awareness is essential to a good and satisfying session. I bring experience with thousands of women to the table. I want you to feel great when you walk out and talk about it for years to come. We all have insecurities and definitely worry about how we will look on camera. I get that. I will pose you and help you get there! We have women that come back and back again.


Telephone: 248-462-3684
Location: Clarkston, Michigan 
Instagram: @theboudoirloft