Dulces Travesuras

We are faithful in love with human creation, our bodies are the reflection of our feelings. We started this dream sure of wanting to share with you our different ways of being happy. All of our lingerie and accessories are meticulously selected and passionately tested. Always pending your satisfaction. We have selected several styles based on the different feminine textures, we have a perfect combination between romanticism and eroticism, a combination difficult to find in the market. Well, we made it happen. We hope that our work inspires you and you enjoy it as we focus on your feelings.

Our Philosophy

Our idea was born out of pure passion from the first moment. We have been free from rules, from traditions, from clichés. It has never been our idea to exclusively create a business plan, but to help women trapped in a society of rules and customs to be full and free. We focus and believe in the sweet strength of women. If a woman is happy and self-confident, then she will only project happiness.