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One Size: S,M, LOne Size: S,M, L

Elegant and sophisticated lingerie set, a single piece in a black elastic mesh, sensuality that you can feel throughout your body, super comfortable, adjustable, has chains attached to hold the contour of your hands. The style is exactly the same from behind.

Soft black boa to create a perfect combination with your lingerie and chains with a black thong.

Our lingerie is one size or one size perfect for sizes Small, Medium and Large, as we use high quality lace that can be easily stretched. See also the following size restrictions:

  • Bust: 34 inches - 40 inches
  • Waist: 24 inches - 32 inches
  • Hip: 36 inches - 40 inches

"My Chic is inspired by your elegance to love"

Self-love is born from self-acceptance. Be kind to your mind and body, including all your faults, then you will be happier, and this happiness gives us the security that leads us to infinite confidence. An important element in physical attraction is trust. Thus, with self-love, you begin to see yourself better, and more beautiful inside and out.

Listen to your intuition and celebrate your style, your elegance and your body with MyChic, which is essential for this adventure! If you want to still feel elegant when you take off your clothes, then this lingerie set is just for you. MyChic is sensuality that you can feel throughout your body. It will fill you with confidence and comfort, you will feel elegantly trapped in this lingerie set, with a black boa as an accessory and a completely black elastic mesh with chains from the mesh to your hands, they will make you feel even more sensual and you will feel the confidence to bring out what you have inside, and everything tailored to your needs. It will be perfect for a nice and relaxed surprise on a Friday afternoon.

You are unique, your body is unique and that makes you exclusive, and remember that to be elegant you have to be sensual, but to be sensual you have to be even more elegant.

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